WEB SITES OF INTEREST (To me, anyway...)

Below is a list of web sites that I visit quite frequently because they are funny, intriguing, or just plain interesting. Take your time when you go to these, there's lots of content. (Note: Sites on my main page are not included here. Don't be so damned lazy, go back and click on them there.) they are listed in no particular order, except that I wanted EVIL JOHN's first.

EVILJOHN.NET - One of my freinds from back on Buffalo. Very eclectic, very well done, except for that FrontPage crap!

TRAILER TRASH page. A lot of people don't get it. This is SATIRE, folks. And funny as hell.

TAMSLICK - Ya just GOTTA love a woman 5'12" tall that carries a 10mm pistol, rides motorcycles, and who dresses like a model. A VERY smart and well-read person as well. (Now if only she'll get the hell off of AOL!)


JEFF COOPER'S COMMENTARIES - The foremost expert on handgun combat, the Colonel is quite the wordsmith as well. Just read one, and you're hoolid.

HARMONY CENTRAL® - The premiere site on the web for music instrument sales.

THE EMULATOR ARCHIVE - Simply the best site for information about E-Mu's line of samplers and synths.

J.S. BACH PAGE - A great history and biograhpy page about one of my top 5 composers.

THE CRIME LIBRARY - A great site to read about spys, gangsters, serial killers, murderes, cops, and G-Men.

PPG INSTRUMENTS - A site devoted to an amazing synthesizer.

THE HOLMES PAGE: The Fairlight CMI - A site devoted to the Fairlight Computer Musical instrument, the first sampler ever, and something I STILL drool over.