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Hello and welcome to my page. Right now, this is just a place marker using my (very) old web page from 2001 until I get around to changing it to something newer. In the meantime, feel ree to look around all the archaic stuff. Here you will find a large assortment of my interests, and links to sites that share those interests. I have rather eclectic tastes, so you will find a broad range of items here. At any time you can click on "Home" in the other frame and it will bring you right back here.

Personal Data

I live in Savannah, Georgia, having moved here in April of 1999. The previous 19 years I was a resident of Buffalo, NY, lovingly referred to as HELL, though there was one place I enjoyed, that was The Coffe Bean Cafe, a really great coffee house right by the University of Buffalo. If you're ever sentenced to, er, I mean LUCKY ENOUGH to visit Buffalo, you owe it to yourself to visit this place, sample the great coffees, and by all means, try the brownies. Far and away, they will be the best you ever taste. A good friend of mine works there, mainly because his wife can't stand having him around since he retired, and throws him out. Here's a link to his page, If our pages look somewhat similar, that's because I wrote his too, and I'm sharing some stuff until I can find better, then I'll leave his in the dust. A superior Computer Consulting firm there is Turn-Key Solutions Of Western New York. Owned by my good friend, Doug Babcock, they are a great company, and can offer anything from simple PC repair, to full-blown router-based Internet access through his subsudiary company, Turn-Key Connect.

But I digress.

Back to me.  Prior to that, I was born and raised in New York City for the first 23 years of life. I am divorced (She was always cranky: I think it's because someone dropped a house on her sister) and have three children. (One of each - a girl, a boy, and the antichrist.)  I am employed as a Regional Information Technology Coordinator for the State Of Georgia, Department of Human Resources, Office of  InformationTechnology, Region 12. That would explain why I don't have a business card. It would require a billboard to get all of that on it. Basically, I'm the chief tool pusher for anything that has to do with computers, file servers, networks, and Internet connectivity for 10 counties, 96 offices, 1500 users, servers, routers, Sun boxes, hubs, switches and all the other paraphernalia, mostly along the Georgia coast.

Savannah is the most beautiful city I've ever seen, with the Nation's largest Historic District, and tall moss-draped Oaks everywhere. There are many gorgeous mansions here, in a lush, semi-tropical setting. It has an eccentric population. My favorite description of Savannah is that it's like "Gone With The Wind" on Mescaline. NY is boring compared to this place. I mean, drinking on the streets is legal, and many bars here have drive-though windows, for chrissake! The biggest holiday of the year is Saint Patrick's Day, and it it the second largest celebration of that day in the United States, second only to NY. A good place to see an encapsulated history of Savannah is here. A great guide to living in Savannah is here, and even though many of the jokes are inside, it's hilarious, nonetheless. This site shows live views of Savannah 24 hours a day.

Personal Tastes

I have many hobbies, drawn from both life experiences and things I enjoy. Though why one might be interested in anything I do is beyond me. However, Netcolony graciously gives me 100 meg of disk space for free, so what the hell, I might as well fill it up.

I trained as a classical pianist, but found the the money and women in rock and roll were better, and more plentiful, so switched to that, and played in rock bands from 1973 until I "retired" in 1996. What that really means is that I got tired of getting home at 5:00 in the morning, and try to get up for work at 7:00, and try to be the boss while I tried to keep my eyes open. That, and it was 18 steps up to my apartment, and carrying all that equipment up and down those stairs was a BITCH, y'know? My main taste in rock is progressive music, like that of Emerson, Lake, and Palmer, Yes, Genesis, et al., and in Classical, it's Bach and Mozart. I used to have a huge keyboard rig, 3 keyboards, 3 modules, amp and speaker, but sold them all when I moved South. I plan a page of pictures of all my old synths when I get a minute. Now I'm starting to rebuild the rig, and I've devoted a page just to that. Click here.

I am a voracious reader. I'm never without a good book. My tastes run towards Techo-Thrillers a la Tom Clancy, but historical novels, Science Fiction, Fantasy, really, anything is fair game. One of my favorite authors is Tom Holt. He is a tough author to categorize. I guess you would call it comedy in the fantasy genre. He takes all the old myths about gods and heroes, and writes about them in modern times, explaining what really happened, and what sort of career paths they now pursue. For example, In his book Flying Dutch, he tells the modern day adventures of the Flying Dutchman, and why he really is fated to spend the rest of eternity sailing around the world. Seems he was transporting an alchemist, the crew ran out of beer, found something that looked pretty palatable in the alchemists things, so the crew drank it. Made them immortal, but a side effect was that it made them smell TERRIBLE. I mean, we're talking wet cardboard, rotten eggs, the day after a night of too much cheap beer, locker-room gym socks STINK! It only goes away for 1 month every seven years, when they can pull into port and reprovision. Now, it turns out that in the 17th century, the captain took out a life insurance policy. With all the dividends it has accrued, and if the company knew he was alive he'd now be the richest man in the world, so a hapless accountant has to track down the policy, and finds out that the captain is still alive. So's the alchemist, and he seems bent on ruling the world, but only as a means to get rid of the smell. Seems he couldn't pass up a snort, himself. The misadventures go on from there.

His books are hysterical, and I constantly find myself laughing out loud. Here is a great site about his works. If you like to laugh, try one of his books. I promise you won't be disappointed.

Another author whom I admire greatly is Jonathan Gash. He writes the Lovejoy Mysteries, about a down-and-out antiques dealer named Lovejoy. Lovejoy is a divvie: that is, anytime he's near an antique, he gets this gut feeling and just knows whether it real or a fake, and can even walk straight to them is blindfolded. This is a documented phenomenon, and it's very interesting. Anyway, Lovejoy is a rogue, a womanizer, and a scruff. He loves antiques, and women, in that order. His dealings get him involved in murders, mayhem and adventures that are extremely entertaining. Written in the first person, the combination of humor and adventure make for a great read. Another I strongly recommend.

I recently finished "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil," by John Berendt. I suppose it's required reading for anyone that lives in Savannah. Though you may have seen the movie, read the book. It's much more detailed, the eccentricities of the people are magnified, and it gives a look into my adopted city that is both touching in its warmth, and hilarious in its demeanor. All of the characters really exist. I've met some of them, and they are what they appear to be in the book. (Here in Savannah, we just call it "The Book.")

Tom Clancy's new tome: "The Bear and the Dragon" was an enjoyable read, though there were a lot of technical inconsistencies in it. Jack Ryan asked the Russian Golovko if he had a modem attached to his computer so he could send something. One would think that a high Russian official would at LEAST have a router for Internet access! This was just one of many. It seems that Clancy is running out of steam in the Ryan sagas. There doesn't seem much left for him to write about after we've pretty much conquered the rest of the world now, but all in all he is still the master of this genre.

I watch a LOT of videos. The folks at Blockbuster know me on a first-name basis, and generally save me movies that they know I'll want to watch. I have my favorites, and I re-watch them quite often. Following are some (in no particular order) you might not know about, and I'll avoid those blockbusters that everyone has seen. Some of my all-time watch list are located here:

My most recent hobby is shooting. Actually, this is a sport in which I've wanted to partake for years. Here in the Politically INCorrect South, it's a damn sight easier than back in NY, where you have a better chance of seeing Sasquatch, than getting a gun. As the page continues to grow, I am continually peeling off sections and putting them on pages of their own. I have done the same with the shooting section. You can get to it by clicking here:

I've started buying all my ammunition from Georgia Arms. They maunfacture ammo, they DON'T sell reloaded ammo, and ther prices are fantastic. Check them out.

I'm a strong proponent of the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, (RKBA) as well as the Right to Keep and Arm Bears (RKAB). We should all exercise our Constitutional Rights, and by doing so, I know I will not be any criminal's fodder. I shan't debate anyone on why I own guns. Suffice it to say that I own guns because it's my Constitutional right, as GUARANTEED in the Second Amendment.

E-mail me. I love corresponding with people.

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Well, that's the beginning of my page. I'll continue to update it as time and whims allow.