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I have really gotten hooked on pistol shooting, and have a Concealed Carry Permit, and tote a big honking roscoe called a Bren Ten. It looks like this.

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It's a 10mm semi-auto combat pistol designed by Jeff Cooper, is an absolute joy to shoot, and its main claim to fame was that Don Johnson as Sonny Crockett carried one in Miami Vice. Here's a picture of him carrying his. The pistol hasn't been in production since 1986, but is very collectible.

I am the administrator of the Bren Ten Forum page and you can get to it by clicking this link:

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I also had a Glock 17 in 9mm, that looks like this:

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but I went and sold it when The Amazon and I got engaged. We decided NOT to be engaged, but I had already committed to sell it and I thought it dishonorable not to follow through with the sale. I will get another someday, I just like that pistol way too much to go without it forever.

(For a GREAT quote about Glocks, click the little arrow here. ) This is a link to the Glock Talk page, of which I am one of the moderators.  What can one say about the Glock? It's one of the most popular pistols of all times, it was named "Pistol of the Century," it started the whole plastic-framed pistol market, most police agencies have gone to them, they ALWAYS shoot, and yes, they CAN be detected in airport X-Ray machines, so don't go there.

I picked up my SIG-Sauer P228 in 9mm. There's just something about a SIG that makes you want one. They are known to be the most accurate out-of-the-box combat pistol made, the quality is Swiss-watch comparable, and they have a reputation as the one of the most reliable and trouble-free pistols ever made. The picture below is from Marv Stenhammar's Gunnery.Net site, one of the best gun resource sites on the 'net. Click on the P228 to go to his 228 Graphics Page.

The P228 is small, concealable, and with legal high capacity magazines you can have 13+1 rounds on tap if necessary. The balance, IMHO is better than its successor, the P229, and the fact that the slide serrations are full sized make this my choice over the P229. I got mine from Keisler's Wholesale, $429.00 for a used one with 1 high-capacity magazine, and SIGLight night sights. Great deal, it was probably a police trade-in, and wasn't fired very much. It is very clean with some holster wear, and no nicks or scratches at all.

A hot little pistol I'm REALLY interested in getting was introduced at the SHOT Show. It's the Walther P22, a .22 caliber scaled-down version of the P99. Now, I've never had much interest in the P99, but this little snot is the cat's ass. Here's what the 2 versions will look like:

There's no page for the pistol yet. When there is, this will be the link.

Boy, I can't wait till this comes out. It's projected price is purported to be a little under $200.00 for the standard version, (bottom- the one I want) and the compensated version (top) will be just a little more, around $225.00. It's projected availability is for second quarter 2001. Quite the little plinker, and I plan to carry it as a backup pistol to either the Bren or the SIG.